Food for the Future

Matthew Tsang

Project Objective

This project will explain the future of food production, and how to feed an ever-increasing human population as the Earth's resources dwindle. Along the way, the ecological destruction caused by today's agriculture will be explained, followed by a 5-step solution to produce the food. The objective of this project is to inform and educate individuals about the situation and how humanity could potentially resolve this global problem in the year 2050.

Farm Field


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Vertical Farming

This page introduces the three forms of vertical farming, how food may be grown in the future. Additionally, the benefits and disadvantages of this practice is also discussed.

About Me

Learn a bit more about me, Matthew Tsang. On this page, I explain my interests and hobbies, and my experience at SHC! Here, you can also see the infographics I created.


What's the issue with today's agriculture? Here's some information about food production in 2050. This page also explains the problem with the increasing population.

A Five-Step Plan

Here is a proposition of how humanity can feed 9.5 billion people by 2050 in 5 detailed steps. Following these ideas can increase today's food output by several times!